And Now We Begin

Me and Elle copy

My granddaughter Eliana makes me smile everyday.  Photo by Taryn Kealani.

Yay! The first post of my new blog. For my friends and family who have been patiently hearing about me talk about the blog that was to be, it’s here! I’m not new to blogging. But as my wedding coordination company’s name, Seasons of Life Events indicates, this is a new season in my life and I can’t wait to share it with you! If you want to see pictures of pretty weddings check them out here.

What took me so long? A title! Who new that finding a title for my blog would be so challenging! Nothing resonated with me until this one, Be Kind and Smile Often. I’d like to think that it’s my motto but rather it’s something I strive for, miss the mark many times, but ultimately believe in. Being kind is an act of unselfishness that is so simple yet reaps so many rewards. And a smile. Who doesn’t love to see someone smile. I have to make a conscious effort to smile. Not that I walk around unhappy, but for some reason by every day face has a  concerned tone. Trust me, I could be smiling on the inside but unless I make an effort to engage those smile muscles I look rather somber. A stranger came up to me one day in a public place, as I was waiting for my husband to drive the car around. I was in a good mood and patiently waiting but evidently my face said otherwise. He politely and in a jolly tone said, ” What’s the matter?”  “Um, nothing…just thinking…”  I was stumped. That was one of several times that strangers noted my unsmiling face. But enough about me and my God given facial anatomy.  A smile is a gift that we give to those around us. It can brighten up the day of someone and even change the way you’re feeling. I’ve heard that it takes more muscles to frown then to smile so I figure that’s reason enough!

So what is this blog all about? Well, first of all I’ll share a few secrets about myself. I like things to be done quickly. I love when projects are done in a day. An hour would be wonderful but hey, I can be reasonable. I like recipes that don’t require a lot of preparation or a lot of ingredients but taste like they do. I like to save money and have been called “thrifty” and I’m proud of it. I like products that save me time, are safe and make life easier, comfier and all around more pleasant. I like to research and know that what I’m spending my money on, bringing into my home or putting into my mouth, is worth it!  Most importantly I love God, believe every person is valuable and loved and want everyone in my life to know that at the end of the day. And that’s what I want to share with you.

So be prepared for some fun and speedy DIY’s, recipes from my humble kitchen, products that I discover and  simple thoughts on life. And because at one time in my life I wanted to open a school of etiquette, maybe a little about being kind and smiling often!

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