DIY Photo Collage Frame

Today I have a very quick and very easy DIY for you. You know that’s music to my ears! For years now I’ve had all of my precious photos in file folders on my computer. Can you relate? My daughter sent me a package one day with actual printed photos of my sweet granddaughter and their recent visit. I didn’t want to put the photos away in books and didn’t want to fill the wall with frames. My solution was to create a photo collage frame that I could clip photos to, swap out and update whenever I wanted. A friend of mine gave me two large gold frames when she was moving years ago.  I knew they would come in handy one day! I painted one a flat white and while it was waiting to be used  a few little bumps and nicks gave it just a touch of “vintag-ing”.

I purchased a package of picture hanging wire (I ended up needing extra wire) and it came with 8 eye hooks. I measured where to place my wire and screwed in the eye hooks. My clever husband came along and showed me a technique for screwing in the eye hooks more than my hand strength could do on its own. He simply slipped a screwdriver into the hook and used it as leverage to turn and tighten the hook.



I then just wrapped the wire around the eye hook and pulled it tight wrapping it around the other side. It’s important to pull it really tight or it will sag more than you want it to.


I clipped on the photos with little clothespins which I’ll probably spray paint white in the future.  It was such a simple DIY but it brings a smile to my face every time I look at it.


photo 4

How do you display pictures?

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