Easy DIY Valentine’s Gift


I have an easy DIY Valentine craft that would make a great gift for a teacher, neighbor or friend. It’s so simple that even kids can make them to give away.


I made a basic heart out of thin wire. You want it thin enough to bend but sturdy enough to stand up. I used jewelry plyers to shape the wire.


I wasn’t kidding when I said this was simple! Just knot embroidery floss and the base of the heart and twist the floss all around the heart and down the stem. I knotted it off at the bottom.

Weddings-by-willy-and-meghan-d-2944483678-OPhotos by Weddings by Willy and Meghan

These herbs were $1.00 at the garden store and I simply wrapped them with a square piece of brown craft paper. I cut out felt hearts, wrapped the paper with embroidery floss and there you have it. A simple, sweet and fun gift to give on Valentine’s Day!

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DIY Marquee Love Sign

great gatsby wedding-Love Marquette sign 2

I am fascinated with marquee signs. They remind me of hours spent at the carnival and all the excitement of spinning rides, cotton candy and game tickets. I love the trend of bringing marquee signs into weddings like I did above and also in home design. I wanted to see if I could make my own.


I found these chipboard letters at the craft store. I wanted to purchase the extra-large letters but I know myself and how I can get carried away so I settled on a more reasonable size. I first cut out the back with a xacto making room for the cords of the lights to tuck into the back of the letters.



This project required more brain cells then I had anticipated but a little brain workout is a good thing. Yes, I am thankful for elementary school math!  I figured out how many lights I had and how many letters and we’ll you get the picture. Just take some time to plan it out and mark where your bulbs will go.


I used a screw driver to punch holes through my letters. You can see in the photo that I spray painted them gold. I forgot to do this before I measured the placement of the bulbs so I did the math a second time! I tucked the cords into the back of the sign using twist ties to keep them all tidy. In hindsight I would have used less bulbs and which would have given me more space for the cording. Despite that,  I’m happy with all of the “glow” I get from the bulbs. The lights are indoor/outdoor cafe lights that I found at Target.

IMG_9963Here is my finished Marquee Love Sign lighting up my house. (I fixed the one light that needed to be tightened.)  My LOVE sign makes me so happy and I can’t wait for it to light up my house for Valentine’s Day!

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Bookshelf Makeover


Over the years my bookshelf became a dumping ground for anything and everything. Space is a a premium in my home and the bookshelf became the depository for a mirage of items. My husband likes having his instructional books and  music sheets close at hand and I like a clutter free space.

Yes, kind of embarrassing but this is what it became. Until one day I was perusing Design Sponge and came across a bookshelf makeover. It seemed like the perfect solution, covered shelves to hide my husbands items and clean shelves that I could style! The original DIY called for canvases to be used as the squares that cover the shelves. I searched all of the craft stores around and I  couldn’t find the size I needed.  Thankfully my handy husband had a solution. He cut plywood pieces to fit the bookshelf which is light and affordable. We added two extra inches of fabric on each side and used regular Elmer’s glue spread thinly on the board to adhere the fabric to the wood squares.   We screwed hooks into the bookshelf and eye hooks into the wood pieces and voila, we now have swinging bookshelf doors. The doors swing up for easy access.

I played around with different patterns and  here you have it.  I love that my husband’s papers and books are hidden behind the panels yet they are easily accessible.



I store extra decorative pillows on the shelves away from the dogs. They come out when friends come over or when  it’s movie night at home. The white storage boxes neatly hold toys.


After photos by Weddings by Willy and Meghan.

Have you found creative ways to hide clutter? Please share it with me below.

Styling Tips for Entertaining

Today I want to share a few tips that I use when styling weddings and photo shoots that you can incorporate into entertaining in your home. These photos come from a Great Gatsby themed wedding shoot I did. You don’t have to be a stylist to have a stylish party.  You also don’t have to spend a fortune to put together a beautiful table or simple vignette to display your appetizers. I often shop in my own home snatching items off of my shelves and a can of spray paint can transform almost anything!



Tip#1 Use Mirrors and Trays
Use Mirrors and Trays for drinks, desserts and appetizers. The tray above was a thrift store treasure that my friend and owner of Passion Roots discovered. There are so many wonderful thrift store trays that with a little paint or contact paper and DIY elbow grease, can be transformed into a posh and thrifty addition to your party decor. Just a little side note, I created a fanciful gold sugar rim on the champagne flutes and in just a few minutes and a little pink sparkly juice later, I had a drink that looked as fabulous as it tasted.  Grab a mirror off of your wall and place desserts on it. Really! The sunburst mirror was perfect for the gold dusted macaroons. Pull a mirror off of a wall in another room, place it on the table and you’ll have a beautiful and reflective serving tray.



Tip# 2 Use Spray Paint to Transform an Item
Have you been down the spray paint aisle lately? There are paints for all types of surfaces and so many color choices that you might have to spend a few minutes contemplating your options. Again my friend at Passion Roots gets credit for spray painting a  glass to use as a gold vase. I had a tarnished frame that was transformed by a little spray paint. I actually painted two frames which you’ll see below. I’ve spray painted so many items in my home which I’ll share for another post. Spray paint is your friend!

gold_and_pink_favor_boxes_Be_Kind_and_smile_often Gold Dessert Table_Be_Kind_and_smile_oftenTip#3 Create Vignettes
A vignette is a grouping of items and is a great way to turn a boring display of delicious food items into a showpiece. Using the dessert table as an example. I added framed quotes, flowers and candles to add interest. I elevated the cake with gold thrift store items. I’m not quite sure what they are but they did the trick of adding height! By adding different heights to the items on your table you further create depth. You can keep it simple and use a wrapped box as a platform for a plate of cookies. One more thing to note about this vignette. If you’re placing a table against a wall consider what is on the wall. I used a gold frame that was given to me and added yards of discounted ribbon and gold streamers from the party supply store to create a fanciful backdrop.


Vintage_Saying_Sign_Hubba_hubba-sign_Be_Kind_and_smile_oftenTip # 4 Signs and Sayings add FUN
The “Love” marquee sign above and the “What a Looker” and “Hubba! Hubba!” signs above were DIY projects. I’ll be sharing how to make a marquee sign in a future post. It’s really simple and very impactful when you turn down the lights and light up your sign and you can use it year round. Make your own fun little photo booth with homemade props and signs. Props always add fun and a little awesome silliness to a party! Cheese!

Start small and create one simple vignette. Don’t feel that you have to transform you whole house when entertaining. Shop your house for items and have fun. That’s what entreating is all about afterall!

Want to see more from this shoot? Head over to Style Me Pretty for the full gallery.

Photos by U Me Us Studios / Flower by Passion Roots / Cake by A Cake Life


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Happy Thanksgiving Chalkboard

Chalkboard Sign_Give Thanks_Weddings-by-willy-and-meghan-rustic-beach-thanksgiving-table-8-X2Photo by Weddings by Willy and Meghan

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

We have so much to be thankful for! Today we’ll be gathering with some of our family and enjoying a delicious meal. I’m thankful for my husband that cooked the turkey this year and for my sons that cleaned the bathroom! I already had a little taste of mashed potatoes just to make sure that they were acceptable. Hee Hee.

While your tummies are full and you’re resting a bit, checkout my guest blog post on the San Lorenzo Mermaid Blog. I  created a really easy beachy tablescape. I’m thankful to be in warm weather year round but if it’s cold were you are, creating  this table for a dinner party is a great way to pretend for a few hours that you are on a little tropical vacation.

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DIY Photo Collage Frame

Today I have a very quick and very easy DIY for you. You know that’s music to my ears! For years now I’ve had all of my precious photos in file folders on my computer. Can you relate? My daughter sent me a package one day with actual printed photos of my sweet granddaughter and their recent visit. I didn’t want to put the photos away in books and didn’t want to fill the wall with frames. My solution was to create a photo collage frame that I could clip photos to, swap out and update whenever I wanted. A friend of mine gave me two large gold frames when she was moving years ago.  I knew they would come in handy one day! I painted one a flat white and while it was waiting to be used  a few little bumps and nicks gave it just a touch of “vintag-ing”.

I purchased a package of picture hanging wire (I ended up needing extra wire) and it came with 8 eye hooks. I measured where to place my wire and screwed in the eye hooks. My clever husband came along and showed me a technique for screwing in the eye hooks more than my hand strength could do on its own. He simply slipped a screwdriver into the hook and used it as leverage to turn and tighten the hook.



I then just wrapped the wire around the eye hook and pulled it tight wrapping it around the other side. It’s important to pull it really tight or it will sag more than you want it to.


I clipped on the photos with little clothespins which I’ll probably spray paint white in the future.  It was such a simple DIY but it brings a smile to my face every time I look at it.


photo 4

How do you display pictures?

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