DIY Marquee Love Sign

great gatsby wedding-Love Marquette sign 2

I am fascinated with marquee signs. They remind me of hours spent at the carnival and all the excitement of spinning rides, cotton candy and game tickets. I love the trend of bringing marquee signs into weddings like I did above and also in home design. I wanted to see if I could make my own.


I found these chipboard letters at the craft store. I wanted to purchase the extra-large letters but I know myself and how I can get carried away so I settled on a more reasonable size. I first cut out the back with a xacto making room for the cords of the lights to tuck into the back of the letters.



This project required more brain cells then I had anticipated but a little brain workout is a good thing. Yes, I am thankful for elementary school math!  I figured out how many lights I had and how many letters and we’ll you get the picture. Just take some time to plan it out and mark where your bulbs will go.


I used a screw driver to punch holes through my letters. You can see in the photo that I spray painted them gold. I forgot to do this before I measured the placement of the bulbs so I did the math a second time! I tucked the cords into the back of the sign using twist ties to keep them all tidy. In hindsight I would have used less bulbs and which would have given me more space for the cording. Despite that,  I’m happy with all of the “glow” I get from the bulbs. The lights are indoor/outdoor cafe lights that I found at Target.

IMG_9963Here is my finished Marquee Love Sign lighting up my house. (I fixed the one light that needed to be tightened.)  My LOVE sign makes me so happy and I can’t wait for it to light up my house for Valentine’s Day!

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