Bookshelf Makeover


Over the years my bookshelf became a dumping ground for anything and everything. Space is a a premium in my home and the bookshelf became the depository for a mirage of items. My husband likes having his instructional books and  music sheets close at hand and I like a clutter free space.

Yes, kind of embarrassing but this is what it became. Until one day I was perusing Design Sponge and came across a bookshelf makeover. It seemed like the perfect solution, covered shelves to hide my husbands items and clean shelves that I could style! The original DIY called for canvases to be used as the squares that cover the shelves. I searched all of the craft stores around and I  couldn’t find the size I needed.  Thankfully my handy husband had a solution. He cut plywood pieces to fit the bookshelf which is light and affordable. We added two extra inches of fabric on each side and used regular Elmer’s glue spread thinly on the board to adhere the fabric to the wood squares.   We screwed hooks into the bookshelf and eye hooks into the wood pieces and voila, we now have swinging bookshelf doors. The doors swing up for easy access.

I played around with different patterns and  here you have it.  I love that my husband’s papers and books are hidden behind the panels yet they are easily accessible.



I store extra decorative pillows on the shelves away from the dogs. They come out when friends come over or when  it’s movie night at home. The white storage boxes neatly hold toys.


After photos by Weddings by Willy and Meghan.

Have you found creative ways to hide clutter? Please share it with me below.